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Jubli emas Institut Perguruan Raja Melewar.

The Research and Professional Development Department is the latest addition to a total of 11 departments in Raja Melewar Institute of Teacher Education. With the increasing importance of research and professional development in teacher education, the Research Unit was upgraded to be a full department on 1 Mac 2003.  It is the mission of this department to promote research culture and professional development based on research among lecturers and students of Raja Melewar Institute of Teacher Education.


At present, the Research and Professional Development Department is headed by Dr. Tan Bee Chu. She is assisted by four units namely :

· Unit of Research led by Mr. Rohaizad Bin Ismail

· Unit of Professional Development headed by Mr. Krishnan a/l Narayanan

· Unit of Documentation led by Madam Jamaliah Binti Hashim

· Unit of Publication and Dissemination led by Madam Elizabeth Koh Bee Hoon.


In order to achieve the above mission, the Research and Professional Development provides the following services:


· Training programs to raise the knowledge and skill of lecturers and students in doing research

· Development of teaching-learning materials related to research

· Consultation and supervision of research work

· Sharing and implementation of research findings

· Documentation and dissemination of research findings

· Coordination of research activities within and outside the institute

· Monitoring and evaluation of teacher training programs

· Evaluation of Client Satisfaction towards teacher training programs based on ISO standard


At the institute level, various activities are organized to promote the research culture and application of research findings. Each year, four series of round-table conferences are held to share lecturers’ research work. A special project called the Researchers’ Mind is a unique program geared towards  involving lecturers to participate in research either individually or as a team. Both conventional research and action research are encouraged.  Each year two teams of lecturers from Raja Melewar Institute of Teacher Education participate at the national level to undertake research work. They are supervised by senior lecturers. There is also a 12-week research course open for novice researchers who are keen to learn to do research.


In the year 2004 and 2006, the department had successfully organized research seminars for excellent teachers and school counselors. In 2005, the department had won best prize for Research Journal of the Teacher Training Division. In 2006, the Research and Professional Development Department of Raja Melewar Institute of Teacher Education had become one of the top three Most Active Research Departments among 28 teacher training institutes in Malaysia.  All these are possible because of the tremendous support and cooperation we receive from the administration and colleagues. We hope that the research culture will continue to flourish in the future.



Ketua Unit Penyelidikan

Encik Rohaizad bin Ismail


Ketua Unit Pembangunan Profesionalisme

Encik Krishnan a/l Narayanan


Ketua Unit Dokumentasi

Puan Hjh. Jamaliah binti Hj. Hashim


Ketua Unit Penerbitan dan Penyebaran

Puan Koh Bee Hoon







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70990 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.

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